About Us

At CLLiK Photography, it's our goal to CLLiK with our customers by providing high quality, exceptionally valued photographs.
CLLiK Photography was created in 1998 by photographer Andrew Elsdon. Originally starting out in landscape photography, Andrew developed his photography into taking Event Photography and as of May 2011 has added the training of other photographers in developing their own skills. 
CLLiK provides on site Event photography for many different functions such as:
  • ski schools & event photos
  • ski racing & action shots
  • Triathlons, marathons, triathlons
  • Underwater photography
  • motorcycle racing
  • mountain biking
  • Golf tournaments
  • business functions
In addition to onsite photography, we also provide businesses and non-profit organizations with a complete library of Stock Photography.
Subjects include nature, animals & wildlife, human interests, business-related and sports and live action.
Also, CLLiK Photography is now providing CLLiK Photo Training & Workshops.
  • Personalized Customized Training Sessions (1 person) (2.5 hours);
  • Small Groups (2-5 ppl) Workshops (2.5 - 5.0 hours);
  • Seminars (12-18 ppl) (5.0 hours);
  • Travel Safaris (Multi Day) workshops
To get in touch with us, please visit our website (www.cllik.com) or email us at andrew@cllik.com